Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Photo Set | Lost and Found

Lost and Found Project: Family photos swept by the 3.11 East Japan tsunami opened at CCP Melbourne Thursday 31st May and is being exhibited until July 15 before coming to Wallflower Photomedia Gallery in Mildura. 


There are three posters available for sale through CCP which each have different prints of photographs and information explaining about the volunteer group “Memory Salvage", the Lost & Found Project, and about Yamamoto.

On their website the crew from Lost and Found explain about the initiation of the poster appeal:

Our plan is to collect donations for the people of the town of Yamamoto from the Exhibits. We decided to sell posters when a friend of mine commented that he didn't know how much he should give since he’s not accustomed to charitable giving. We thought buying posters is an easy means for people like my friend to make a donation. 

We hope to bring the exhibit to many locations, and in order to make this a sustainable project, 70% of proceeds will be donated, and the remaining 30% will be used as an administrative fee, such as the cost of printing and travel. Other than selling posters, we have a donation box set up at the exhibition hall. The money raised by the donation box will be all donated.

You can also donate directly through http://lostandfound311.jp/en/#donationThe money raised will go through the local NPO, Yunihuri-Miyagi to be used by the Residents’ Councils of the temporary housing in the town of Yamamoto. There are 8 temporary housing locations, in many cases, the heads of the Residents’ Councils are paying the necessary administrative expenses out of their own pockets. Donations for Yamamoto-cho can be made using credit cards starting at appx: $13.10 AU (1,000 yen)

This project to bring Lost and Found to Australia was initiated by Munemasa Takahashi and Hiroshi Hatate in Japan and Kristian Haggblom from Wallflower Photomedia Gallery in Mildura.

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