Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Curatorial Detail & Preview | Katrin Koenning

Katrin Koenning is a German-born photographer now based in Melbourne. Her work was first brought to my attention through a group exhibition titled STILL that we were both involved in at Edmund Pearce Gallery, Melbourne. Katrin exhibited work from the series Thirteen: Twenty Lacuna:

“…I came across this place in the Melbourne CBD. Light reaches it directly for only 20 minutes a day, around lunchtime, when people rush away from work to get sandwiches and coffees. During these few minutes, a transformation happens – faces are illuminated, dust twirls through rays of sun, cigarette smoke becomes an almost glistening silver- blue against dark buildings… It's a 'mis-en-scene', a theatre stage on which people become my protagonists for an instant…”

Katrin’s photography is about the ordinary, the everyday, place and belonging. Her translation of the creek’s “voice” began with a series of questions; who slept by your side in disillusion? Who made that fire in the underpass? Like others involved, Katrin started to collect and the result is the work Tin Taxi Sex-Note – Kororoit Collectibles made up of direct scans from her shit creek collection.

Any ladies need a date?

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