Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Exhibition Detail | Paul Batt

Growing up in Footscray, Paul knows the Kororoit creek well. Obviously a common pastime amongst (more than likely younger generations) that dwell in close proximity to “shit creek” is the construction of these wonderful trinkets. Paul has made a collection of these curious objects and taken their portraits.

Photographing Kororite creek for the project _on this site, Batt indirectly portrays the individuals and groups that have occupied this space by the objects and marks they have left behind. Investigating the inhabitant’s interaction with each other and the environment, Batt’s work and draws on the similarities and differences between the people interacting with the area and the evidence left in the sites themselves.

Batt is a Melbourne based artist who explores human presence in the urban environment, often through what is left in its absence. Documenting people, objects and the sites of human habitation, his work looks at the individual’s role within the landscape. Batt is a graduate of both the Victorian College of the Arts and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and is currently a PhD candidate at Monash University, where he is also a Sessional Photography Lecturer. Batt’s work has been exhibited widely including exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria, Australian Centre For Photography and the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne.


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