Monday, 11 June 2012

Curatorial Detail & Preview | Louis Porter

Louis Porter is originally from England but now enjoys roaming suburban Melbourne with his Mamiya 7 and a plastic bag. I have been following his work for some time and he was an obvious choice for __on this site Victoria: Kororoit Creek project. I would call Louis a hoarder, not only of images, but also lists, discarded notes on paper, vernacular photography and whoopee cushions. Of the eight participants working on the project there has been an obvious divide of approaches. Without going into too much detail, basically these have been a direct photographic engagement with the creek or that of the collector; in archives, on location or returning to the studio with found objects.

Louis has worked with the latter approach. In fact, although it doesn’t feature, he actually found a $100 note that was hardly recognisable. He exchanged this for a crisp new one at the bank and bought a bottle of champagne (or should I say sparkling white?) to celebrate an anniversary with his partner – money well spent! This is one work from the triptych he has created. I can’t help but wonder if the moccasin had such an iconic status in England as it did when I was growing up in the western suburbs of Melbourne?

And yes Mr. Crawford, I agree: "…Porter photographs suburbia like an antipodean David Lynch." (from The Age)

For more information visit Louis Porter's website

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