Thursday, 20 February 2014

Keisha Doyle

“Collective” an exhibition of La Trobe University photography students 

Feb 20 - March 2 | Opening Friday Feb 27 | 5pm

"Collective" is an exhibition of La Trobe University photography students to coincide with the new university year, opening 5pm Thursday Feb 27.

The exhibition of eight continuing students from the University’s photography program shows a selection of work from Harley Caldwell, Jinae Connell, Judd Dean, Katrina Doolan, Keisha Doyle, Bree Robbins, Adam Telford and Matthew Turner. Demonstrating the great range of work produced by the local students, the show introduces these emerging photographers to the community and allows them to gain important exposure and exhibition experience. 

A public opening reception will be held during 'O' day celebrations to welcome commencing students and introduce them to Mildura's lively arts community.