Thursday, 17 October 2013

Tonight! | Floor talk at MAC

Janina Green, Mrs Gowron 2009, type C photograph, 21.5 x 25 cm, edition of 3
Janina Green, Mrs Gowron, 2009, type C photograph, 21.5 x 25 cm, edition of 3

Eighth CCP Documentary Photography Award
Mildura Arts Centre 5:30pm, Thursday 17 October.

Kristian Häggblom, artist, Wallflower Photomedia Gallery curator and La Trobe University Mildura lecturer will discuss "neo-documentary" and how it relates to some of the projects involved in exhibition "The Eighth CCP Documentary Photography Award" from the Centre for Contemporary Photography Melbourne. This is a biennial showcase of contemporary Australian documentary photography which Häggblom won in 1998.

"The Eighth CCP Documentary Photography Award is a biennial showcase of contemporary Australian documentary photography. Since the inaugural exhibition in 1997, this event has grown in profile and significance. It represents a unique, national initiative in support of documentary photography, providing a rare opportunity to assess the themes, styles and ideas that characterise this fascinating genre."

"This year’s exhibition demonstrates the breadth of contemporary approaches to documentary practice from traditional black and white narratives through to vibrant colour recordings all of which have been achieved without digital manipulation. Themes range from the affects of war on US Marines through to dog shows, roller derby and the annual Miss South Sudan Australia pageant."
Mirko Martin | Tales from the West Side

German photographer Mirko Martin spent time in LA staking out film sets to secretly shoot for this and other projects. The resulting images seamlessly blur the line between fiction/fact choreography/documentary. Who is responsible for these realities; film directors, set builders, the populace of hyper LA or Martin himself? It really doesn't matter - this is an amazing publication. First published in 2008 for an exhibition at the Museum Goch.

Other projects can be seen at his website: