Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Opening | The Talisman Sourcebook for the Animal Wife and New Frontier

Thomas Breakwell, New Frontier

Opening this Friday, August 9th at 5pm Danielle Hobb's The Talisman Source Book for the Animal Wife will be accompanied by Thomas Breakwell's New Frontier.
Hobbs outlines in her statement "The Talisman Source Book for the Animal Wife is a component of my Masters Research project, The Black Swan and Postnatal Depression: preventative talismans and transformative garments for ‘bad’ mothers. The project is an exploration of escapist/transformative garments and protective talismans as a strategy for neutralising moments of crisis, and the possibility of reconciliation between conflicting notions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ motherhood."

In the projection spaces, New Frontier is "a video installation exploring ideas of ‘wilderness’ within the Australian landscape and the notion of a sublime experience in nature. By playing with the traditions and expectations of landscape art history, Breakwell attempts to create a new experience within the environment." (statement via Seventh Gallery website

Exhibition runs to August 24

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