Friday, 15 February 2013

Detail | Rosina Byrne

Rosina Byrne x=Acosωt (Simple harmonic motion)
Archival Pigment Print, 40cm x40cm, 2012

During this month we will be taking a closer look at the work exhibited in Neutral Density and today we have the work of Rosina Byrne. Byrne is a Mildura based artist "trying to understand or make sense of life, death and everything in between"

"There is a purity and clarity in multiples; like a repetitive rhythm, almost musical; so much like a metronome.  It is a fractured surface that makes up a whole; a self; it is about working through events, everyday emotions, this
is the way we live our lives. Among all the fractured objects there still is strength; a solid structure, a solid frame work that keeps it all together. It is firm, strong but still has a repetitive inner soul. It is the inner workings; to survive we need to accept ups and downs in our lives; it is the resilience that we develop during life experiences that holds everything together, with resilience you can always bounce back. Oscillation is the simple harmonic balance of life. This body of work is in what manner we as individuals oscillate back and for through life." - Rosina Byrne

She has shown in a range of university exhibitions, participated in Mildura's 'LEAP' project space with a night projection piece and in whitecubemildura, a local artist run initiative.

Neutral Density will be on display until March 2 with the opening being held March 1 to coincide with the university orientation program.

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