Sunday, 4 November 2012

Invitation | Viewing Platforms

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to Viewing Platforms, a solo exhibition from Wallflowers' curator, Kristian Haggblom at Edmund Pearce Gallery, Melbourne. The show opens November 29 from 6-8pm with an 'artist in conversation' with Louis Porter on December 1st at 2pm

Viewing Platforms is a photographic investigation of the relationships that are played out in the Australian landscape between people, places and the environment and the subsequent interaction of society, space and nature. In order to do this, photographic documentation is produced at remote touristscapes and the in-between places that are connected to the uniquely Australian long distances to “journey” to these locations. The photographs in this exhibition include some of the encounters Haggblom has experienced on these journeys; a note seeking a lost dog on the back of a Carlton Draught box at a Northern Territory rest stop, a Crewdson-like mysterious circle at the foot of a slag pile in Broken Hill and a peeling wall vinyl on the window of a Mildura camping store of Scandinavian-looking backpackers pointing at a car park. Visually and conceptually, within these spaces of transience and awe the tourist infrastructure that is physically imposed over particular landscapes is considered a “stage” for, not only visitors, but also guides and other tourist industry workers. The imagery depicts how the landscape is contained for consumption and is captured from within the performance of tourism. 

Here is a preview from Art Guide Australia's November/December issue by Dan Rule:

Art Guide Australia Nov/Dec 2012 by Dan Rule.

Viewing Platforms will run from November 28 - December 15
Edmund Pearce Gallery is located on Level 2, Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne. Gallery hours are Wednesday - Saturday, 11-5

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